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rocket sprocket

The reason our risers are so different is because we make them with an angle on the bottom of the riser. That makes the riser go straight up from the steering post plate, not up and back toward you like other straight risers. This gives you a more rider forward position. This also helps give you more cable, line & wire length, so you can go higher with my risers unlike other straight cut risers. Because our riser is made from one piece of aluminum, we think it is the strongest on the market.

Go to the bottom of the page for instructions on how to measure your riser height needs.


Instructions for getting correct riser height

First figure out how much higher you want to go:
Stand or sit on the sled and have a friend measure the difference from your hands to the bars.

2nd figure out how high you can go:
Take your bars loose and pull them up as far as they will go.
Give the wires and cables some room to move. Then measure from the top front of the steering plate
to the center of the bars. That is the height of my riser you can use.

If you have any other questions email or call.


    Last updated 08/30/2018